Customer Testimonials

Having developed courses for years in other tools that were prevalent in the industry, I was blown away when I used LEAi to pull together a course – it was so easy to create content in a meaningful structure from disparate sources of content.


Success Stories


LEAi helps me build great online courses

LEAi allows me to tackle some of the hardest aspects of the course creation process.

All I have to do is upload my Word document outline into LEAi and it delivers suggestions on what I should use for headings, content, and test questions for my courses. Since LEAi has many content templates, I don’t have to think about how to structure my courses.

I don’t know other way of saying it other than I rely on LEAi as it helps me build great online courses.

A strategic transformation

I had the great pleasure of partnering with LearnExperts for a very strategic transformation in our learning business.

Sarah quickly assessed some of the critical issues ahead of our large workshop; provided industry best practice and bench mark data during our 3 day session, and helped to facilitate a very productive meeting. She also provided a thorough recommendation of next steps and a course of action we could follow to ensure success.

Expertise to deliver

I contacted LearnExperts because I had tight deadlines for some of our training projects, and I knew they had the expertise to deliver within this timeframe.

They met with our subject matter experts and helped us create the content for a training video that included a facilitator guide. They had to be creative in their approach, as the audience for the video and course were teens, healthcare workers, and volunteers in the city. I highly recommend working with them!

The final deliverable exceeded our expectations

It was a pleasure working with LearnExperts to complete our change agent training for our ongoing SAP implementation. They were focused on helping us achieve our project goals through this training and that our success was theirs.

Through their many collective years of industry experience, they identified gaps during their assessment and brought forward solutions to better meet the needs of our learners.

They were extremely professional, action oriented and helped our team stay on track, working through many challenges such as the disruption caused by COVID-19. They leveraged their extensive network to find resources to ensure the project met its goals.

The final deliverable exceeded our expectations and our change agents are prepared for the task at hand. We are confident that the changes ahead will be well received by our employees and we will have stronger SAP adoption.

If you are looking for a group of seasoned professionals to help your organization reach its learning and development goals, I highly recommend working with the team at LearnExperts.

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