Looking to increase Customer Adoption with training?

Smart customer success teams use LEAi to quickly transform existing knowledge assets into training content.

Accelerate usage and customer "stickiness"

You have a great new solution or have new features that are going to transform how much your customer relies on your product and you want to help them to “get going”.   

Smart customer success teams use our AI-enabled LEAi to take documents, presentations and other documentation created during the product development cycle and transforms them into the content and scripts for training videos, presentations, knowledge-base articles and other assets to help quickly train customers.

Why customer success cares about customer training

Renewal rate of trained customers
0 %
Renewal rates of untrained customers
0 %
Use products more often when trained
0 %
Use more features when trained
0 %


Why customer success should use LEAi

LEAi is a revolutionary tool that allows customer success teams to quickly build content for customer success teams and customer training videos, knowledge-base articles, presentations and more.

Increase customer adoption, renewal and expansion

With LEAi, create and update customer training to successfully support customer product campaigns.

Accelerate training development

LEAi allows success teams to develop training content 3 times faster which allows to hasten and broaden campaigns.

Convert free trial clients to revenue-generating customers  

Use training to move customers from free trials to subscription-based services.

Reduce support costs

87% of customers use products more independently when trained. This means less support calls to answer basic product functionality questions.

Expert advice: 12 Customer Success Metrics to Measure Program Success

Learn about a few of the metrics used by customer success teams to measure things like retention rate, referral rate and levels of satisfaction

You don't need to be a training pro to use LEAi

Upload your non-learning content

Simply load your existing content (one or multiple files), like solution requirements and product documentation, into LEAi.

Let LEAi transform your content

Using its system intelligence, LEAi will analyze your content and automatically build the learning content for your training programs –  all within seconds.

Build and publish your courses

The output from LEAi is structured in an optimal learning flow and can be used to produce videos, presentations, FAQs and more.

Why organizations choose LEAi

Write courses 3x faster

After you upload the unstructured content, LEAi automatically generates the learning content for your courses – FAST!

Release more training

Since LEAi automatically generates the learning content for you, it eliminates the time-consuming task of reviewing documents and creating the content for your courses.

Update training quickly

LEAi intelligently updates changes to your courses in seconds so that you can eliminate the mundane task of updating individual courses.


Easy video script creation

Are your sales and customer support teams asking for training videos? No problem. LEAi can create training for all kinds of modalities so you can create the training content that they want in minutes.

How to align customer training to customer success strategy

Learn some of the key elements of a customer success strategy and how customer training / customer education can align their deliverables.

Transform non-learning content into ready-made training

LEAi takes your presentations, documents, web content and videos and converts them into learning objectives and learning content that can be used for meeting platforms, virtual classrooms, HR platforms, in-person training presentations, and video scripts. Content can also be exported in SCORM and xAPI formats which can be used in eLearning production and LMS platforms

See LEAi in action

LEAi screen capture

We developed AI-enabled LEAi to allows those responsible for training, learning and development to create content for online learning, instructor led training (ILT), eLearning, knowledge base articles, presentations, webinars and videos using content your subject matter experts have already created.

You don’t have to be a training specialist to use LEAi. Our tool is so easy to use that everyone from HR to sales enablement can convert existing content they have into learning content that follow best practices – in minutes.

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