Build training for your partner and channel enablement

LEAi helps you extend your sales efforts by helping you create comprehensive and current training for your channel and partner enablement.

LearnExperts to create partner enablement

Onboard and create product champions faster

Successful partnerships require effort and commitment. You need to invest time and resources to equip your channel partners with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to successfully meet the goals of your collaboration with them.

LEAi helps your organization to quickly build training that empowers your partners, strengthen relationships, build on opportunities, and drive mutual success.

B2B partner enablement matters

B2B leaders expect their partner ecosystems to increase company revenues
0 %
Channel marketers plan to increase the number of partners in their ecosystem
0 %

*Demand Gen Report 2022 Channel/Partner Marketing Benchmark Survey

Empower your partners and channel. Drive more revenue.

66% of business leaders say they expect more than a 11% gain in revenues from indirect sales. 

At the same time, fewer than 20% of the respondents describe their current program’s ability to sell and market through channel partners as very effective. Nearly two thirds rated their channel sales and marketing support as only somewhat effective. 

Business, sales and partner leaders are investing in their partner and channel programs to empower their network and drive more revenue. 

LEAi for partner and channel enablement best practices

Create customized partner training

Nothing worse than delayed, outdated, boring and irrelevant presentations. With LEAi, customize the training to the partner’s needs, roles, skills and offerings.

Accelerate  onboarding and learning

Since LEAi allows you to develop the content for your training programs 3 times faster, this means your channel partners can start upselling and cross-selling faster.

Develop role-specific learning paths

Use LEAi to reuse and repurpose content to build customized learning paths for different functions and roles within the partner organization.

Keep partners on message

Use LEAi to keep partners current on new products, new features, customer pain points, buyer personas, competitive offerings, and positioning statements.

Build a branded learning experience

LEAi allows users to incorporate their own branding so companies can deliver a cohesive branded experience that aligns with their other sales and marketing assets.

Increase revenue potential

By increasing knowledge across the sales and partner team, ensure everyone effectively connects and engages with potential buyers.

You don't need to be a training pro to use LEAi

1. Upload your documents, videos and presentations

Simply load your existing content (one or multiple files), like product release notes, product presentations and documentation into LEAi.

2. Let LEAi transform your content

Using its system intelligence, LEAi will analyze your content and automatically build your learning objectives, learning content and assessment questions –  all within seconds.

3. Build and publish your courses

The output from LEAi is structured in an optimal learning flow and can be used to produce your product training, sales presentations, eLearning, marketing videos and more.

Loved the usability, the opportunity to create learning content from existing content (saving an incredible amount of time!), and of course the team is SO responsive to feedback with frequent enhancements!

Why organizations choose LEAi

Write courses 3x faster

After you upload the unstructured content from your subject-matter experts LEAi automatically generates the learning content and test questions for your courses – FAST!

Release more courses

Since LEAi automatically generates the learning content for you, it eliminates the time-consuming task of reviewing documents and creating the content for your courses.

Write course content like a pro

There is no guessing with LEAi. The tool uses industry-proven best practices to create content that is optimized for learning and looks like an expert wrote it.

Create bite-sized learning

Does your sales team have limited time for training? No problem. LEAi can create microlearning so your team can take focused learning when they have a few minutes.

Tips for creating partner enablement programs

Want to ensure your partners are set up for success? Our guide provides tips and strategies for empowering your partners.

See LEAi in action

LEAi screen capture

We developed AI-enabled LEAi to allows those responsible for training, learning and development to create content for eLearning, instructor led training (ILT), FAQs, knowledge base articles, presentations, webinars and videos using content your subject matter experts have already created.

You don’t have to be a training specialist to use LEAi. Our tool is so easy to use that everyone from HR to sales enablement can convert existing content they have into learning content that follow best practices – in minutes.

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