Training Content Writing Savings Calculator

According to the ATD, It can take anywhere between 49 and 89 hours to create 1 hour of instructor-led or web-based training and between 93 and 365 hours to create 1 hour of text-only eLearning course with limited interactivity and no animations. In today’s high-paced world, can you afford to spend that much time to develop learning content?

How much time and money can you save with LEAi?

How many courses are you creating?
About how long on average will the courses be (in hours)?
What is the average hourly rate for an instructional designer in your area?
$ / hr

Average Time Savings

58.05 hrs

Using traditional process

17.15 hrs

Using LEAi

Average Cost Savings

Using LEAi

Curious how LEAi can deliver so much savings? Let us send you a detailed analysis of where and how LEAi can save both time and money

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Take the heavy work out of course writing

We have transformed the traditional process of building courses. 

LEAi not only takes the guess work out of course creation, it accelerates the process by eliminating many of the manual and mundane tasks.

Eliminate the stress of “Where do I start?” and “Too many courses!”

Developing training often requires you to become an expert on the subject. 

LEAi takes content built by your subject matter experts and tells you how to structure the course and how the content should be written for optimal learning. 

Use best practices for best results – always

There is a science behind how people absorb information.

LEAi guides you in real time on how to apply the “Tell me. Show me. Let me try. Test me.” approach so you create great courses without having to become a training expert.

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