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Build great content for your training courses the easy way

Stop wasting time and money

Start training the right people at the right time

Companies urgently need to train the right people at the right time but the process to develop this training is difficult, slow and requires the time and expertise from subject matter experts and course building experts. 

Innovative companies come to us because they want to learn from the experts, build courses 3 times faster, save thousands of dollars and build quality training that looks like an expert built it. 

Build courses like an expert

Our team of seasoned course creators leveraged their years of experience in building award-winning training programs to create LEAi – a unique tool that allows anyone to build engaging courses that are designed for optimal learning. 

Take the heavy work out of course writing

We have transformed the traditional process of building courses. 

LEAi not only takes the guess work out of course creation, it accelerates the process by eliminating many of the manual and mundane tasks.

Eliminate the stress of “Where do I start?” and “Too many courses!”

Developing training often requires you to become an expert on the subject. 

LEAi takes content built by your subject matter experts and tells you how to structure the course and how the content should be written for optimal learning. 

Use best practices for best results – always

There is a science behind how people absorb information.

LEAi guides you in real time on how to apply the “Tell me. Show me. Let me try. Test me.” approach so you create great courses without having to become a training expert.

LEAi will help you....

Create amazing courses

LEAi applies learning best practices so that every course follows a foundational method of “Tell Me, Show Me, Let Me Try, and Test Me” for optimal learning. 

Imagine creating well structured courses on the first try.

Write like a training pro

People have a tendency to write in passive voice or forget to use task-based headings. LEAi’s learning advisor continuously provides suggestions on how to make your course script follow learning best practices. 

Imagine having a course editor at your fingertips.

Develop courses 3x faster 

The instructional design process is long and intensive. LEAi allows you to create learning content 3 times faster and allows anyone to create great courses every time.  

Imagine what you could do with your extra time.

Keep up with change

If you have changing IP, processes and policies, LEAi allows you to quickly update the content. It also designed to enable you to automatically detect and apply changes across all of your company’s courses.

Imagine not being the bottleneck for the release of new information.

The LearnExperts advantage

Less time spent on creating the script for training courses
0 %
Less time spent on repurposing content for multiple courses
0 %
Less time spent on updating course content
0 %

Having developed courses for years in other tools that were prevalent in the industry, I was blown away when I used LEAi to pull together a course – it was so easy to create content in a meaningful structure from disparate sources of content.

Using LEAi is as easy as 1-2-3

Upload your non-learning content

Simply load your existing content (one or multiple files), like documents, presentations, webpages, wikis, community content, videos, into LEAi.

Let LEAi transform your content

Using its system intelligence, LEAi will analyze your content and automatically build your learning objectives, learning content and assessment questions –  all within seconds.

Build and publish your courses

The output from LEAi is structured in an optimal learning flow and can be used to produce your online courses in your LMS or to create instructor-led training, presentations, videos and more.

More reasons to use LEAi

Eliminate the task of creating test questions

Using AI, LEAi auto-generates test or assessment questions for you in seconds, saving you hours of time.

Keep all your courses updated effortlessly

Make instant updates to the content by updating once and letting LEAi update it everywhere.

Accelerate enablement by training all your stakeholders 

With a single click repurpose content to train and engage with employees, customers or partners.

Melissa Houston, Guest contributor at Forbes
Melissa Houston - Forbes Contributor

Accelerating the mundane tasks

“LEAi, achieves rapid course creation by accelerating the mundane tasks of taking content that is not purpose-built for training and turning it into a ready-made course, and then the human goes through the end product to validate.

LEAi helps course creators build courses using artificial intelligence (AI). The product helps create a course from existing material, such as a blog or presentation, to produce the learning content faster for their clients to train people on their solution sooner and make revenue faster. Through LEAi, you can convert comprehensive training manuals into microlearning courses with accuracy, efficiency, and ease.”

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