Need help to create or refresh your training program?

Let one of our learning experts help you with the big picture, building comprehensive training paths, and deeper tips on course content development.

We help you build your training programs​

An effective training program drives product adoption and customer satisfaction which results in more revenue.​ To be successful you want to ensure you have a modern, digital, and continuous learning strategy that scales, effectively engages your employees, customers and partners and grows with your business. We help you build a strategy focused on:

Aligning the learning strategy to your corporate goals
Creating modern, digital solutions that scale to your needs
Sizing solutions to fit your needs
Measuring success early and often​
Tailoring enablement to the user and their job

Don't have time to build content yourself?

If you don’t have anyone at your company to own creating course content, or you have instructional designers, but they are already busy building other course content, it’s not a problem! We’ve got you.

LearnExperts can take content that you already have, that might not be purpose built for learning and use LEAi to rapidly build the content for you, and then hand it over to you to maintain once developed, saving you months of time and kickstarting your training program.

Built to fit your needs

Our Methodology


We assess, and make recommendations based on industry expertise that helps you accelerate the creation of a learning strategy that enables your ecosystem.


We develop the strategy that defines the programs and success measures to help drive successful learning programs.


We create, curate and measure the programs and content that enable you to meet your learning strategy goals.


We recommend and implement the program go to market strategy and assist with deployment of training on your LMS.

Need help from an expert? We deliver interim strategic guidance and/or hands-on support to accelerate the creation or implementation of your learning strategy.

Our Center of Excellence provides a complete experience for our customers. Building successful learning programs for any audience takes skill and experience, and at LearnExperts, we are known influencers in the industry and can help you transform your learning from traditional to modern quickly.”

Taunya MacDonald, , Director, Customer Success

Our Centre of Excellence

We believe that when experts share what they know, it helps everyone. That’s why we invest in a Center of Excellence for Learning that’s a centralized unit of dedicated learning experts who bring together thought leaders, industry trend-setters, and deep domain expertise across the industry for you to leverage.

If you’re looking for strategic expertise for your learning, enablement or certification program(s), tools & templates, and advice on how to meet your learner’s expectations for modern training solutions, you’ve come to the right place!

We not only benchmark and research industry trends, we leverage industry experts, our customer’s experiences, and our own deep expertise to shape the direction of LearnExperts in the market to ensure that we provide innovative solutions for problems in the industry.

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