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Taunya MacDonald


Taunya has 20 years of experience creating continuous learning programs spanning internal, partner, customer, and academic learning. Over her career she’s been a corporate trainer, content developer, go to market portfolio manager, learning analyst, and a mentor to onboard and coach instructors. She has built Centers of Excellence based on her deep expertise across all corporate learning functions and execution of industry recognized learning programs, driving company growth and differentiation.

Taunya recently reinvented an employee onboarding program that supported employee growth of 133% helping new employees integrate quickly with a great first impression and meaningful training paths by role. She created the framework for a new customer learning program that saw growth by $3M over 2 years, and built a channel enablement program from scratch, supporting large partners like Accenture, Deloitte, and Bain & Co. She has worked and lived around the globe, including Asia and Europe, and brings important cultural understanding to learning.

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