LearnExperts, Skilljar Partner for Faster eLearning Delivery


LearnExperts, Skilljar Partner for Faster eLearning Delivery


The new integration partnership between training content authoring tool, LEAi and Skilljar’s training platform accelerates eLearning production and publication.


Ottawa, February 05, 2024 – LearnExperts and Skilljar announced the launch of an integration bridging LearnExperts’ AI-enabled training content authoring tool and Skilljar’s customer education platform. The integration streamlines the publication of eLearning courses built in LearnExperts’ LEAi to Skilljar’s learning management system (LMS).

As part of the integration, training creators and instructional designers can automatically publish their eLearning course content built in LEAi into their Skilljar environment saving them the time and overhead of the previously manual process.

“This new LearnExperts-Skilljar integration is a big timesaver as it now allows my team to eliminate steps required to export eLearning courses built in LEAi and manually import them to Skilljar’s education platform,” said Debbie Smith, Senior Director Visier University, Visier.

“LEAi, with its AI capabilities, is specifically engineered to automate the instructional design process and reduce the time it takes for anyone to build industry quality training courses by 67 percent. The integration with Skilljar is another step to helping our clients save thousands of hours and dollars when building eLearning and other learning content,” said Sarah Sedgman, Chief Executive Officer, LearnExperts.

”Adding an automatic link between LEAi and Skilljar allows training creators to publish directly to our LMS and accelerate the speed at which our clients can roll out courses for their customers and partners,” said Sandi Lin, Chief Executive Officer, Skilljar.

As a provider of training solutions to help companies kickstart and grow their training programs, LearnExperts is one of the first companies to automate the instructional design process by eliminating mundane tasks, embedding a learning framework that follows best practices, and including AI technology so anyone can create industry quality training courses. Unlike many other AI-enabled content creation solutions, customer content is secured in a private environment and LearnExperts users are assured that their intellectual property will not be revealed to the public or competitors.

To learn more about why companies choose LearnExperts’ LEAi to build content for their eLearning, instructor-led training and microlearning, contact us at learnexperts.ai/contact-us/.


About LearnExperts

We are an innovative group of technology and learning experts with extensive experience in instructional design and building training programs. We built LEAi to enable our clients to quickly and efficiently build learning and training content that informs and grows skills. Our consulting services help companies create innovative learning programs that are effective and competitive. To learn more about LearnExperts and LEAi, visit learnexperts.ai.


About Skilljar

Skilljar delivers an innovative training platform which enables businesses to provide scalable and effective Customer Education. The enterprise-grade solution is used by hundreds of companies to accelerate customer onboarding and product adoption by enabling multimedia course creation, an intuitive and mobile-responsive learning environment, and automated CRM data integrations. Founded in 2013, Skilljar is based in Seattle and backed by top-tier venture capital firms Insight Partners, Mayfield, Shasta Ventures, and Trilogy Equity Partners. For more information, visit www.skilljar.com.

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