LearnExperts Continues to Grow its R&D Team


LearnExperts Continues to Grow its R&D Team


OTTAWA, ON – October 28, 2021As we continue to accelerate the development of our learning content creation platform we are happy to welcome Cameron and Peter to the LearnExperts R&D Team!

CameronCameron Elvidge joins our development team as a Full Stack Developer. Cameron is passionate about building exceptional web experiences and has developed a number of successful applications across diverse industries in his seven years as a developer. On joining Cameron shared “I am excited to be part of this next phase at LearnExperts. At this time we are coming together as a fresh team, developing out processes and building new momentum. I think there are a lot of smart people working on this product and we are going to make a real impact.”




PeterPeter Luft joins as a Front End Developer. We are thrilled to have Peter’s talents on the team as we make updates to the user experience. On joining Peter said “I’m so excited to join this talented team at LearnExperts. I love the drive and passion this company puts toward making a cutting-edge product. I’m looking forward to applying my skills, as well as developing new ones, to help LearnExperts create something special.”

Welcome to the team Cameron and Peter!

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