LearnExperts Wins Best Ottawa Business (The BOBs) Award


LearnExperts Wins Best Ottawa Business (The BOBs) Award


Selection committees at Ottawa Business Journal and the Ottawa Board of Trade chooses LearnExperts as this year’s #NextBigThing.


OTTAWA, November 25, 2022 – LearnExperts, a provider of solutions to help companies rapidly kickstart and grow their training programs, announced today that it was named the winner of a Best Ottawa Business (BOB) award. This award represents an acknowledgement by the Ottawa community of LearnExperts’ ability to leverage technology to transform the training industry.

“We are delighted to be recognized as the #NextBigThing in Ottawa’s business community,” said Sarah Sedgman, Chief Executive Officer at LearnExperts. “This award is another indication of our role as a disruptor, and we are on track to achieving our big goals.”

The Best Ottawa Business awards (BOBs) is an annual award event that celebrates top Ottawa businesses who are leading changes in their respective industries. Organized by the Ottawa Board of Trade and Ottawa Business Journal, the selection committee reviews submissions to select the best in each category.

LearnExperts is transforming training programs with its AI-enabled training content creation tool. LEAi accelerates the speed at which companies roll out well-designed training courses to inform and engage customers, partners and employees. It allows clients to reduce the time to develop new course content by 67 percent and the time to reduce the time to update course content by 98 percent.

“Our clients consistently tell us that they can’t live without LEAi as it allows non-training professionals to build courses that look like an expert built it and keep up with content changes,” said Sarah Sedgman. “It is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to introduce a new training program or rapidly scale an existing program.”

To learn more about LEAi and LearnExperts, visit learnexperts.ai.


About LearnExperts

We are an innovative group of technology and learning experts with extensive experience in building training programs. We built LEAi to enable our clients to quickly and efficiently to build learning and training content that informs and grows skills. To learn more about LearnExperts and LEAi, visit learnexperts.ai.

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