Anu Sood


As Head of Marketing at LearnExperts, Anu is responsible for creating and accelerating the company’s marketing strategy. She is focused on driving the company vision of helping businesses to rapidly develop courses to kickstart their training program and grow revenue by developing a strong brand, building demand, and helping to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Prior to joining LearnExperts, Anu was head of marketing at Alessa, a leading provider of anti-money laundering solutions for banks and other financial institutions. There she built a team of talented marketers to create a leading voice in the industry. Anu has also held marketing positions in the global satellite communications and telecom industries.

Anu has significant experience in marketing, product management and product development roles with a focus on technology. She is particularly passionate about content marketing through thought-leadership and has extensive experience across all aspects of marketing including strategic, corporate, product, digital, event and social marketing. 

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