LearnExperts Now Includes Generative AI in its Services Offering


LearnExperts Now Includes Generative AI in its Services Offering


Building on years of learning experience, LearnExperts consultants now offer consulting and implementation services to leverage generative AI to rapidly scale learning programs.


OTTAWA, March 09, 2023 – LearnExperts, a provider of solutions to help companies rapidly kickstart and grow their training programs, announced that it now offers generative AI consulting and implementation services as part of its service package offering.

“As the creator of an AI-powered course content building tool, we have extensive experience with incorporating artificial intelligence into learning programs,” said Sarah Sedgman, Chief Executive Officer at LearnExperts. “We are now augmenting our services packages so organizations of all sizes can harness the transformative benefits of AI into their learning programs to create a competitive advantage.”

LearnExperts is changing training programs with its AI-powered training content creation tool. LEAi accelerates the speed at which companies roll out well-designed training courses to inform and engage customers, partners and employees. It allows clients to reduce the time to develop new course content by 67 percent and the time to update course content by 98 percent.

Knowing that organizations struggle with efficient course building, delivering consistent quality in their training courses, hiring learning expertise, and quickly creating and distributing learning content to meet vast learning needs, LearnExperts’ services packages helps organizations to:

  • Align their learning strategy with their corporate strategy
  • Deliver an innovative, scalable learning program to drive rapid company growth
  • Embed learning expertise into their organization
  • Create and deliver learning courses faster than the industry average
  • Research and implement new AI-powered learning technologies
  • Create new SaaS and services revenue streams

To learn more about how companies like Adobe, Open Text, Steris and Demandbase have used LearnExperts’ to grow their learning programs with AI, contact us at learnexperts.ai/contact-us/.


About LearnExperts

We are an innovative group of technology and learning experts with extensive experience in building training programs. We built LEAi to enable our clients to quickly and efficiently to build learning and training content that informs and grows skills. Our consulting services help companies to create innovative learning programs that are effective and a competitive differentiator. To learn more about LearnExperts and LEAi, visit learnexperts.ai.


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