Leah McGuire


Leah has over 20 years of experience driving customer excellence and impact through first of a kind Center of Excellence and customer experience teams, consulting for SaaS products, operations and production management in supply chain, and solution training and adoption for employee, customer and partner audiences.  Leah is a highly respected executive, who creates a positive culture and high performing teams, and has achieved impressive customer success metrics and satisfaction working with large and complex, global Fortune 500 companies.

She recently transformed the customer journey that improved customer health by 50%+ within 10 months, built out expert series content in her newly defined Center of Excellence team that brought 75+ trusted source assets to market within 1 year, and increased solution user adoption by 27% through an innovative Customer Value program.  Leah’s passion for elevating the voice of the customer and accelerating solution adoption through Center of Excellence and newly defined adoption programs, drives a differentiated level of success for the organizations she partners with.

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