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David Dewar


David has over 20 years of experience providing technology leadership and creating innovative enterprise software and internet-based technology solutions. He has experience in building high-performance, highly collaborative teams at organizations large and small. He is a hands-on senior management leader that enjoys participating in strategy, design and development activities while focusing on bringing valuable features to customers. David is an expert at taking ideas and turning them into reality.

An innovator at heart, David takes joy in creating products that delight users. He has participated in IBM working groups in information visualization and analytic dashboards. He has won awards for inventions and team collaboration. David is an out of the box thinker and has collaborated on many inventions, publications, and patents. He is also a co-author of The Addison-Wesley Science Handbook.

David has developed a broad base of expertise through roles in user experience design, data visualization, product development, enterprise software architecture and executive leadership.

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